You can now bring your entire family to ESEB!

A professional childcare service will be available for the participants' children from 0 to 12 years-old. Our childcare service is free of charge and includes insurance, food (baby food, and other alimentary restrictions are not included) and activities for the children, according to age group.

Meet the Childhood professionals

António Monteiro Photo

António Monteiro

In 1999, António finished his studies as primary teacher and for 12 years worked in public schools, teaching both children and adults. In 2006, completed a Masters in Educational Administration and Management. As the time went by, António became more and more interested in other ways of teaching children and so, completed the Waldorf Kindergarten Teacher Training Course, in Madrid.

Eva Rocha Photo

Eva Rocha

Eva finished her studies as kindergarten teacher in 2002 and, during 3 years, worked in public kindergartens. The need of learning more about pedagogy and the nature of the child took her to the foundation of Romã Waldorf Kindergarten (in Sintra, Portugal) Where she worked in various Waldorf Kindergarten kindergartens. In 2009, she completed the Waldorf Kindergarten Teacher Training Course in Madrid.

After taking courses in Portugal, Spain and Denmark, Eva and António, together in life and in work, became founders of a project for children under 3 years old called Casa Infância (Childhood House). Both will be responsible for the children under the age of 3, and will work in a room fully prepared to receive the babies, in the congress area.

Andreia de Castro Photo

Andreia de Castro

Andreia works with children between the ages of 3 and 6 years old, since 2006, in Casa da Floresta, Verdes Anos. In september 2013 she worked as a supporting teacher for the 1st cycle children in the same school. Simultaneously, Andreia did several holiday camps and workshops with children up to 12 years old, participating as a monitor in events in the area of environmental education.

Francisco Mata Photo

Francisco Mata

Francisco has been working as a Physical Education Teacher, since 2009, mainly with primary school children and teenagers. Simultaneously, he was working as a monitor in summer camps and different projects in the area of sports and leisure activities. With a comprehensive knowledge of a variety of activities and programs for school-aged children, together with Andreia, Francisco will be responsible for the entertaining of the children from 4 years-old and up.

Activities planned for the children

Tue 20 Play with Clay!

Wed 21 Watercolours Wall

Thu 22 Playing outside (University Stadium)

Fri 23 Lisbon's Oceanarium Tour

Sat 24 Tradicional Games and Cinema

If you are interested in our childcare service, please contact the organization ( and you will receive an inscription form as well as the childcare schedule and other informations.


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