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Comparative transcriptomics of early Dipteran development

Author(s): Jimenez-Guri E, Huerta-Cepas J, Cozzuto L, Wotton KR, Roma G, Gabaldon T, Jaeger J


We are carrying out a comparative analysis of transcriptomic sequence data in early embryos of three emerging experimental dipteran model systems. Clogmia albipunctata belongs to a lineage of flies believed to have diverged early in the evolution of the dipterans, while the lineage leading to Megaselia abdita branched intermediately, at the base of the cyclorraphans, and the lineage leading to Episyrphus balteatus diverged later in the cyclorraphans.

We have acquired and assembled transcriptomic sequences at early embryonic stages in Clogmia albipunctata and Megaselia abdita. We compare these sequences to those from Episyrphus balteatus as well as transcriptomic and genomic sequences from drosophilids and/or mosquitoes. These datasets form the basis of a new phylogenomic assessment of dipteran relationships. It places psychodid moth midges (such as Clogmia) as a sister group to the brachycerans, rather than within the culicomorph lineage, in contrast to another recent study (Wiegman et al., 2011). Furthermore, we have analysed patterns of gene duplication in our datasets. Finally, we have verified information present in our transcriptomes by manual curation, in situ hybridization, and verification of alternative splicing events among a subset of genes present in the data.


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