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Phylogeny and evolution of the Pleurocarpous moss genus Andoa (Hypnaceae)

Author(s): Martins S, Sim-Sim M, Stech M


Andoa is a genus of Hypnaceae, one of the most complex pleurocarpous moss families that is resolved as highly polyphyletic in molecular phylogenetic reconstructions. The extant distribution of the single Andoa species, A. berthelotiana, in the archipelagos of Azores, Madeira and Canaries classifies it as a Macaronesian endemic. However, fossil records from Continental Europe revealed a larger distribution area in the past. Probably Andoa disappeared from Continental Europe during the late Tertiary glaciations and sought for refuge in Macaronesia, where it survived until today. Biogeographic affinities of Hypnaceae in Macaronesia as well as the phylogenetic position and relationships of Andoa are still little known. Recent phylogenetic analyses based on chloroplast, nuclear and mitochondrial DNA regions as well as AFLP fingerprinting revealed two geographically separated subgroups within Andoa berthelotiana, one comprising plants from Madeira and Canary Islands and the other plants from the Azores. The results also suggest a colonization pattern from the Azores to Madeira and the Canary Islands. Moreover, the closest relatives of Andoa, as indicated by the molecular data, were considered to belong to different pleurocarpous families. Other questions remain to be addressed, such as whether the two subgroups relate to ‘cryptic speciation’ or are also morphologically differentiated.


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