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SY05: Phenotypic plasticity: mechanisms, ecology and evolutionSY02: Selection and evolution in natural populations
SY23: Genomic Islands: their role in adaptation and speciationSY30: Phylogenetics and phylogeography
SY15: Attack and defense: evolutionary and ecological consequences of individual variationSY09: Genetics and genomics of host­parasite coevolutionSY20: Mechanisms of trade-offsSY34: General Symposium
SY32: Climate change and evolutionSY13: Rapid evolution and population geneticsSY17: Linking genome evolution at different time scalesSY03: Molecular evolutionary innovations
SY19: Evolutionary consequences of deceptionSY21: The evolution and maintenance of heritable colour polymorphisms: from ecology to genomesSY16: Evolutionary biology in ChinaS31: Development, behaviour and evolution
SY22: The evolution and genetics of drug resistanceSY10: Genomics and experimental evolutionSY01: Experimental evolution on empirical fitness landscapesSY11: Advances in quantitative approaches to recent evolutionary change in humans
SY12: Studying multigene-family evolution in the post-genomic era: Towards a population genomic approach to MHC evolutionSY07: The nature and mechanisms of evolution of species recognition systemsSY28: Non-genetic transfer of immunity across generations – evolution and underlying mechanismsS24: Unifying paleobiological and comparative perspectives on character evolutionSY04: Evolution of Symbiotic Interactions in Communities: Novel Approaches
SY33: Population ecologySY27: Evolutionary conservation: the applied side of evolutionary biologySY06: Evolutionary consequences of an early germ-soma segregationSY18: Evolutionary demography
SY29: Actively learning evolution: methods and resourcesSY26: The genomic architecture of adaptive traits: do QTNS generally exist?SY25: New directions in sex role researchSY14: Non genetic inheritanceSY08: Evolutionary significance of epigenetic variation


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XIV Congress of the European Society for Evolutionary Biology

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